• This Year’s Budget is Approved! Thanks to all for listening to our first membership meeting of the year at Curriculum Night. We have a quorum and the budget is unanimously approved. We can now move forward with operations for this school term.
  • Grandparents Day is Sept. 12. Let’s Celebrate – Digitally! We’ve created a picture frame for you to snap your photo and send to your grandparents. It’s free to use to make your grandparents’ day! Download your PNG file, snap a picture with the frame and send it.

    (We typically sell these at our Grandparent’s Day luncheon as for $5. If you’d like to provide a donation, please see MyPayments Plus, PTO section, and type in the amount you’d like to give.)

Shop and Give! While you are shopping for the holidays, don’t forget you can be helping earn money for our school.

Looking for ideas for your teachers for gifts? Check out our teacher favorites pages to see if your teacher has given some hints.

Your PTO Board plans throughout the summer in order to present the operating budget and annual priorities to you at August Curriculum Nights. We’d love to have your valuable input as we move forward. As always, you can send feedback and ask questions via info@blespto.org.

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