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No matter how you contribute to our Bears,
every dollar and every hour makes a difference.

Create lasting memories by participating in our events and get something in return! Check out these activities and items for purchase.

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Give a Donation, Get a Lifetime of Gratitude 

Our yearbook is online!

They are $28 plus shipping and handling. 

*** To make sure you get your copy of the 2019-2020 yearbook, we’ve extended the deadline to May 15. Make sure all purchases, photo uploads, customizing pages and online yearbook signing is completed by that date. As of May 12, we’re no longer accepting photos for this year’s book. You can still customize your own pages until May 15, though! See below for more details.

  • Order and pay online. Go to and enter our school’s passcode: 1015217531682993. Yearbook form with more information. (Form in Spanish)
  • Typically, your child will receive it in his/her classroom in May. * FOR 2020, due to the COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, ALL YEARBOOKS WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOUR HOME IN JUNE.) We’ve worked with Tree Ring to reduce shipping from $7.99 to $2.99 for new orders. Tree Ring is waiving shipping fees for all prior orders.) You’ll be prompted for the appropriate shipping fee in the check out process.
  • Custom Pages: Add your personal photos and memories, too! Follow these instructions. (In Spanish) You get two free customized pages with the purchase of each yearbook. You can purchase more.
  • New in 2019-2020 – Online signatures! Students can now “sign” each others’ yearbooks online! After you’re logged in to your Tree Ring account, search for the name of the student you’d like to send a note to. (Valentine’s Day class lists are great for this if you’re trying to find all the students in your class…or ask your teachers for a class list.) If that student has purchased a yearbook, you can leave your “signature” and a note for him/her. *** Make sure you have “receive signatures” on in your account. *** That student will be able to see the note/signature you’ve left and be able to pull that signature into his/her own custom pages.
  • (* As of May 12, 2020, we’re no longer accepting photos for the 2019-2020 yearbook.)
    We need YOUR pictures!
    Our team of volunteer photographers capture precious memories of our Bears at events throughout the year. Parents and teachers often have some of the best photos, though! Help us build our book of memories by adding your photos, too! Load pictures directly into your Tree Ring account by category and click “SHARE.” Follow these instructions. (In Spanish


  • A limited quantity of yearbooks are available for purchase by cash or check only at the school. To get your yearbook, send $30 through your teacher. (Put money in an envelope labeled with “yearbook, child name and classroom”. Make checks payable to BLES PTO.) *** Due to the 2019-2020 COVID-19 challenges, please order your yearbook online only. We may not have any books for purchase until the beginning of the 2021 school year.)


  • Questions? Email

Just a plain old donation

See us at one of our onsite events or send cash or check through your student’s teacher addressed to BLES PTO. Thanks to those of you who’ve already given generously.



Does your company do in-kind or monetary donations? Take a look at all of the activities we have going. Consider finding a sponsor for one of our events today. Contact us at


Spirit Wear



Spirit Wear

Your PTO provides spirit wear, plush bears, lunchboxes and more to help us show our Berkeley Bear spirit!

Sales are online this year! Go to

If you want to order through backpack mail, download this form (Spanish) and send it in. Also, we’ll continue to be at major school events, and we can accept credit cards.



Shop and Give

You can give to our school just by shopping where you normally shop! Get instructions on how to set up giving to our school.

Also, we have a new, online, way to give using Box Tops for Education. See our instructions

*Note: Publix no longer uses the Publix Partners key fobs. Also, we are in the midst of updating our PTO information instead of the old BLES PTA designation. 


Photo keepsakes

At Grandparent Day lunch and our memorable Candlelight Luncheons, our team of volunteer photographers take photos of our guest and design a border with a special BLES design and the year.

It’s a must-have.


Spirit Nights



Spirit Nights

Enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant with other BLES families.

A portion of the cost of your meal goes directly to our school.


Turkey Trot

The not-to-miss fun run of the year. Who doesn’t need a turkey for Thanksgiving? And, did we mention pancakes? Yes, we’re combining the annual pancake breakfast with the Turkey Trot run this year.

Work up an appetite. We’ll have breakfast waiting!

More information published each September/October.


Dollar Donut Days

In March, we’ll be in the lobby each Friday morning at 7:45 selling Krispy Kreme donuts for $1.

Send a $1 with your child or come in and get some donuts to take to the office.




Bingo Night

It’s the event people stand in line for. Yes, it’s true! It’s a March Friday night of fun and prizes with some entertainment sprinkled in.

You can purchase dinner at the event.

What else can we say – it’s the best family night out ever!


School Supply Kits
Order next year’s school supplies before this school year ends!

Take pressure off back-to-school shopping! Order your child’s teacher-customized supply kit now. Order forms are in student backpack mail this week. Pay online or send payment through your teacher. That’s all you need to do.
The kit will be delivered to the school and placed in your child’s classroom by the first day of school. A portion of the kit sales goes to the PTO to support our school. 
Note: The website is and our account number is 10128. Questions? Email